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ICT Helpdesk Supervisor (Lagos, Nigeria)
ICT Helpdesk Supervisor (Lagos, Nigeria)

ICT Helpdesk Supervisor (Lagos, Nigeria)

ICT Helpdesk Supervisor

ICT Job Purpose and Objectives

  1. Guarantee the suitable goals of ICT Resources clients’ issues/issues/inquiries in an expert way to limit any personal time of business exercises as well as improve their utilization of ICT resources.
  2. Backing Promasidor Nigeria‘s LAN/WAN and Telephony framework applications (working systems, email systems and so forth.) to guarantee that they give satisfactory help to the clients, applications, and foundation they support.
  3. Guarantee that all “ICT hardware resources” inside Promasidor Nigeria Limited are accessible, practical, introduced and utilized in a safe, protected and proficient way, this incorporates Computer hardware (CPU, Printers, peripherals, accessories, and so forth.). UPS, and so on.
  4. Oversee Promasidor Nigeria‘s software resources and guarantee cutting-edge customization, everything being equal and laptops, customers working systems, and applications.

ICT Helpdesk, Key obligations.

ICT Helpdesk, Contingent upon operational assignments which may differ with time, the job duties will be a subset of the accompanying:


• Supervise and additionally complete arrangements/rollouts of computer Operating Systems [OS] and software applications guaranteeing that Promasidor Nigeria Clients’ Systems are altogether introduced with cutting-edge and affirmed OS and Applications utilized inside the organization.

• Document and keep up state-of-the-art all OS and Applications installation techniques.

• Identify, store in a database and keep up state-of-the-art a rundown of all software accessible and being utilized in the organization. Recognize set of software upheld for client offices and furthermore distinguish new and out of date versions.

• Sorts, in a way that permits active recovery by anybody in the office, all software resources accessible:

  • On the recording server for the versions still being used. Co-ordinate this with the Servers Administrator.
  • On a real help (CD, DVD… ) for the outdated versions.

• Maintain on a real help (CD, Hard disk… ) a “standard installation unit” or “disk pictures” for a “fundamental” new client with a set of the most recent versions of all bolstered software) so another computer can be quickly introduced when required.

• Stay state-of-the-art about the new versions of software discharged or to be removed later on for the arrangement of upheld software. Routinely examine with the Helpdesk Supervisor potential outcomes or necessities to update the clients’ computers with more up to date versions. When estimating a move up to a more current adaptation, archive the relocation plan with the steps to be made to overhaul from the current versions to the new ones.


• Maintain ICT hardware stock, for example, database putting away data about each ICT hardware resource being relegated to an end-client.

• Ensure the auspicious fix of deficient systems with the resources gave and deal with the “imperfect systems stock” by Rebuilding new units with the mix of at least two inadequate units; destroying faulty units to utilize each part as an extra for fixing other (comparative) hardware; destroying the systems that become extremely futile

• Carry out installation, migration, arrangement, and arrangement of ICT Resources for or potentially with their clients (systems, printers, and so on.).

• Carry out occasional preventive upkeep on ICT Resources in PNG areas (for the most part in Lagos yet additionally up-nation).

Correspondence (NETWORKING, TELEPHONY… )

• Ensures that all Network types of gear and Infrastructure are accessible, pragmatic, perfect, and secure consistently.

• Documents the Promasidor Nigeria LAN/WAN (Including the Home Internet network where appropriate) and keep up the documentation forward-thinking.

• Administer, Monitor, backing, test, and investigate hardware and software issues relating to LAN/WAN at all heartland areas.

• Generate, examine, and disseminate network execution measurements, organize unsafe condition reports (counting proposed answers for execution improvement).

• Support/lead all Network installation (new or augmentation of the current system) as required by the organization. Regulate and liaise with outer temporary workers taking care of ICT installation or upkeep work at all PNG areas

• Liaise with Service Providers (Internet, Telephone. And so on.) to guarantee ideal Services.


• as a team with the Training Coordinator, help with preparing end-clients on the utilization of ICT software and additional hardware resources.

The board SUPPORT

• Provide a back-up job to the Helpdesk Coordinator in taking care of clients misery calls and logging them in as needs be, just as assigning same when fundamental.

•Carries out any doled out sanitation jobs by the head of the division

•Carries out some other obligations doled out by Supervisor

ICT Helpdesk Job Requirements


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Electronics Engineering or some other related course.


3-5 years’ work involvement in a comparable job.

Information and abilities


• Broad learning of Information Systems (Architecture, Security )

Software (Office Suite, Email )

• Hardware (parts of a computer, general upkeep… )

Networking (IP tending to, DNS… )


• Basic business forms

Decent to have:

• Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) and other Apple Technical accreditations

Individual Attributes

• Problem illuminating and basic reasoning

• Time the board, Planning, and Organizing (possess work)

• Communication abilities

• Analytical abilities

• Numerical abilities

• Proactive and creative

• Ability to perform multiple tasks

• Attention to subtleties

• Interpersonal abilities (Good help, Teamwork)

Seniority level

Mid-Senior level

Employment type


Job function

Information Technology


Food & Beverages, Consumer Goods, Food Production

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