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The Sheik Saud bin Saqr Charitable Education Foundation will support 20 scholarships, nursing scholarship included.

Splendid students from low-pay families in Ras Al Khaimah will be given nursing scholarship as part of an initiative aimed went for opening up open doors for individuals from more unfortunate foundations and driving up numbers in the calling.

The Sheik Saud bin Saqr Charitable Education Foundation will support 20 scholarships to top secondary school graduates in the following academic year.

Fruitful candidates – who must accomplish scores of in any event 93 percent in their tests – will get preparing at RAK Medical and Health Sciences University.

The plan is to help empower the nation’s young ability to take up nursing.

“We need nursing staffs in this nation as to cover the work market needs, we chose to concede 20 nursing scholarship to low-pay secondary school top achievers in the emirate,” said Sumaia Al Suwaidi, chairman of the foundation.

“Emirates have officially allowed nursing scholarship for the legislature, so we chose to give the awards to understudies from Comoros and different nationalities that can’t stand to head off to college and study nursing.”

It is the most recent exertion by the foundation to guarantee career paths are not hindered by financial limitations.

In 2017, the foundation propelled allowed another 20 oppressed students scholarship in various majors at American University of Ras Al Khaimah nursing scholarship included.

“We have charitable crusades around the year that for the most part bolsters oppressed understudies in the emirate, and around 1,900 students are as of now learning at our four schools,” said Ms. Al Suwaidi.

Dr. Vijaya Kumardhas, a senior member of nursing at RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, said the UAE and the remainder of the globe must address a nursing lack.

“Our principal objective is to expand the number of occupants and residents holding a nursing degree and with similar activity and nursing scholarships, we can say that we are on the right track to success.

“We have understudies from various nations examining nursing at the university. The vast majority of them are from Arabic nationalities.

“We additionally offer a 50 percent rebate to urge more individuals to go for a nursing degree, and we offer an ace degree in nursing as well,” she said.
Dr. Kumardhas said there had been an ascent in the quantity of Emiratis trying out the nursing courses offered at the university.

“Each class, almost 50 percent of the students, are Emiratis,” she said.

“The numbers have expanded because of the service of advanced education scholarships that was launched in 2013.

“We need attendants to cover the levels of popularity. Medical attendant to understanding proportions are low here in the nation as the number of patients and clinics are expanding thus should the quantities of attendants.”

One student who profited by the past grant activity gave at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah said he couldn’t have graduated without the assistance of the foundation.

“The foundation began helping me from the second grade as they enabled me to learn at one of their philanthropy schools,” said Maswood Abdulshakur.

The 22-year-old, a stateless Bidoon, moved on from the university this year with a bachelor in hardware and correspondences designing.

“It was hard for my dad to cover my educational cost costs yet the foundation upheld me from the earliest starting point and I’m so thankful for them and that urged me to contemplate hard and accomplish high scores.

“The help likewise helped me to accomplish my fantasies and construct my future such that will enable me to offer back to the nation and be a piece of its extraordinary accomplishments and proceeds with advancement,” he said.

During the UAE‘s first International Nursing Excellence Conference held in April, Emirati medical caretakers said their activity needs higher status to draw in more UAE nationals.

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